Seniors Golf

What is Senior’s golf?

The ‘Seniors’ is a relaxed and friendly competition played over 9 holes on Monday mornings, from the yellow (social) tees, for those over 55.

It was run from 1988 until 2014 under the stewardship of youngster, Ian “Tricky” Trickett. Maximum handicap is 50 (you start on 1 less than your GA handicap), there are no annual fees, visitors and beginners are welcome.

A feature of the group is the annual “Xmas Hams Day”. On this day, every regular player receives a substantial ham, along with the Xmas lunch.

Come along and join us on a Monday, just roll up from 7.30am, bookings not necessary.

The Seniors Team

Tamworth Golf Club.



mixed 020

Rob Black shows his putting prowess to John Frame, Frank Henry and Stuart Johns

Seniors 3

“Bing”Chen, Robin Barlow, Rod Doolan, Gary Bryant and John Ryan preparing to tame the course.


Today we had 40 players on a beautiful Spring morning. There were some pretty good scores, with placegetters down to thirteenth.

First ($25.00 voucher)  Barry Lane 22 points (5 pointer on the 13th)

Second (3 balls) –   Neville Cross 21 points

Third (2 balls) – Robert Black 20 points

Fourth (1 ball) –  Grant Smith 20 points

Fifth (1 ball) –  John Ryan 19 points (5 pointer on the 18th!)

Sixth (1 ball) –  Ron Chorlton 19 points

Seventh (1 ball) –  Peter Kay 18 points

Eighth (1 ball) – Stuart Johns 18 points

Ninth (1 ball) – Tony McCann 18 points

Tenth (1 ball) – Ren Chen 18 points

Eleventh (1 ball) – John Clare 18 points

Twelfth (1 ball) – Lindsay Hobson 18 points

Thirteenth (1 ball) –  Glen Crosby 17 points

N.T.P. on the sixteenth (1 ball) –  John Peberdy

Overheard on the tenth:

“The only reason I play golf is to bug my wife; she thinks I’m having fun!”

Good Golfing,




A Par from Pete

This month we will feature another of Nature’s true gentlemen in the form of Noel Dunford.

 Noel is one of the original instigators of the Senior’s Competition, and as such it is fitting that we do a profile on him.

Noel made me promise not to take a photo, which I didn’t; I just happened to stumble across this one someone must have snapped during a recent game he was having with another of the originals, Ian Trickett.

Noel was born in Parkes on 29th October 1929, and grew up and went to Primary School in a place called Gunningbland about 30 km west of Parkes. He went to High School in Parkes after which he took up farming in the Gunningbland area until the age of 35.

He then purchased the property “Castle Doyle” in the Halls Creek area east of Manilla and remained there for a further nine years.

After this he moved to Tamworth where he took up a stock and general carrying business which he conducted until 1993 when he retired to care for his ailing wife. When this got too much for him, he put Coral in a nursing home, and not only did he continue to care for her, he also spent much of his time caring for other residents.

Before the introduction of the Tamworth Freight Centre, Noel used to deliver stock to the railway yards where he would back his truck up to the rail wagons and off-load them.  I understand there where times when he was a little slow on the uptake, and beasts would escape, and his remedy was to borrow an old milking cow from the manager of the yards to settle the fugitive down so they could load it!

Noel took up golf when he was 55, and his club handicap was 17. It varied somewhat over the years, and it is now 18.

He’s had one hole-in-one, and he once set himself a goal when he heard that Don Bradman had played (golf) to his age; Noel now has 20 competition games to his credit where he has played to his age, a feat not many of us could lay claim to.

Noel and Ian Trickett started the Senior’s Competition about 25 years ago, and both gentlemen, now into their eighties, play regularly. Noel has thought about giving the game away, but the prospect of playing bowls doesn’t interest him. In Noel’s words, he is capable of some good, and some horrible shots, but the fact that he’s never been known to swear probably indicates that he hasn’t had too many horrible ones.

Those who are acquainted with Noel will agree he is one of Nature’s gentlemen, with a generous and caring manner. We hope to see him burning up the course for many more years to come.