Seniors Golf

What is Senior’s golf?

The ‘Seniors’ is a relaxed and friendly competition played over 9 holes on Monday mornings, from the yellow (social) tees, for those over 55.

It was run from 1988 until 2014 under the stewardship of youngster, Ian “Tricky” Trickett. Maximum handicap is 50 (you start on 1 less than your GA handicap), there are no annual fees, visitors and beginners are welcome.

A feature of the group is the annual “Xmas Hams Day”. On this day, every regular player receives a substantial ham, along with the Xmas lunch.

Come along and join us on a Monday, just roll up from 7.30am, bookings not necessary.

The Seniors Team

Tamworth Golf Club.




mixed 020

Rob Black shows his putting prowess to John Frame, Frank Henry and Stuart Johns

Seniors 3

“Bing”Chen, Robin Barlow, Rod Doolan, Gary Bryant and John Ryan preparing to tame the course.



31 senior golfers hit off on 19/3/18 in very warm conditions with very few good scores. However three players had no trouble and handled the conditions well. 1st place went to Adrian Nichols with a fine score of 20 pts he was followed by Rob Sherwood and John Clare with 19pts each, Rob taking the prize for second on a count back. The following players all had 17pts each and are in count back order. Mr Ren Chen, Barry Lane, Gary Bryant, Bruce Grogan and Ian Trickett. The last of the winners on 16pts was Robert Black.  Nearest to the pin on the 16th hole was Tony McCann.

In the absence of our leader (Peter) I would like to thank John Ryan, John Frame and Robert Black for their assistance.

Yours in seniors golf Rod D.



A Par from Pete!

Welcome to the first edition of “A Par from Pete” which we aim to produce as a monthly inclusion, featuring some of the activities and characters of the Senior’s Golfing Group. The aim is to make at least one results report each month a little more interesting, and contributions from members will be welcome. I must warn you that I will be chasing members to be interviewed for a “Players Profile”, and I expect the fullest co-operation!

Most of what I write will be true, but I am a firm believer in never letting the truth stand in the way of a good story.

How Did it all Start?

Back in the late 1980’s, two mates, Ian Trickett and John Williams, played skins once a week, and when their little group started to get bigger, they recognised the need for a dedicated competition for the over 55’s. After discussions with the Club they got the Monday morning time-slot for their own little informal competition, starting in 1987. I have been reliably informed that a lot of players joined the Tamworth Golf Club just so they could play in the Senior’s comp and take advantage of the maximum 50 handicap!

At that stage there was no Veteran’s competition, but now the majority of members play in both the Senior’s and the Veteran’s competitions.

Little did they realise that some 31 years later, the comp would still be going gangbusters with about 60 players on the list with weekly fields averaging around 40. Two of the original players, Ian, and Noel Dunford still play regularly on a Monday morning.

Ian ran the competition for 28 years until he handed over to Trevor West in 2015. Westy held the reins until 2018 when he reluctantly gave the honour to Peter Ullman. (he’s got some pretty big shoes to fill!).

Are There any Rules?
Nope…..except that you have to look like you are 55 or over, have a good sense of humour, and can dish out as much as you can take! Contrary to an earlier statement, we prefer it if you book in in line with all other events at the course, but to date I haven’t seen anyone turned away because they weren’t booked in.

We have a unique system of handicapping, and whilst the handicapper is on a hiding to nothing when he implements it, most players have come to accept the method; which is good because it’s too bad if they don’t!

Overheard on the 14th Tee.
Senior golfer number 1, “It’s windy today.”
Senior golfer number 2, “No it’s not, it’s Thursday.”
Senior golfer number 3, “So am I. Let’s get this game over so we can all go and have a drink.”

A warm welcome was extended to newcomer to our ranks, Tony McCann, and visitor from Werris Creek, Kim Zhou.

So much for edition number 1; let’s hope they improve!

A lot happens out on that course, some of which is newsworthy, some of which is unprintable. If you have a story, please let me know, and I will let everyone else know.

Be prepared for when I come knocking on your door for an interview for the “Player’s Profile”.

Until next time, good golfing.


Ian Trickett (sinking a pretty difficult putt), and Noel Dunford

Playing on Monday 19th February 2018.