Seniors Golf

What is Senior’s golf?

The ‘Seniors’ is a relaxed and friendly competition played over 9 holes on Monday mornings, from the yellow (social) tees, for those over 55.

It was run from 1988 until 2014 under the stewardship of youngster, Ian “Tricky” Trickett. Maximum handicap is 50 (you start on 1 less than your GA handicap), there are no annual fees, visitors and beginners are welcome.

A feature of the group is the annual “Xmas Hams Day”. On this day, every regular player receives a substantial ham, along with the Xmas lunch.

Come along and join us on a Monday, just roll up from 7.30am, bookings not necessary.

The Seniors Team

Tamworth Golf Club.




mixed 020

Rob Black shows his putting prowess to John Frame, Frank Henry and Stuart Johns

Seniors 3

“Bing”Chen, Robin Barlow, Rod Doolan, Gary Bryant and John Ryan preparing to tame the course.




21st May 2018

32 Players:

Back Nine




First Place

Tony Summers


Second Place

Peter Kay


Third Place

Peter Coombes


Fourth Place

Glen Crosby


Fifth Place

Ian Trickett


Sixth Place

Alan Holzigal


Seventh Place

Barry Lane


Eighth Place

Ron Balderston


Ninth Place

Eric Callcut


Tenth Place

Col McInnes


Eleventh Place

Robert Black


Nearest The Pin

Trevor Leicht

The shot of the day belonged to Allan King who managed a hole-in-one off

the 17th tee into the hole on the practice green. I don’t think it counts, Allan!

Overheard on the 16th:

Seniors Golfer No 1; “You scored 12 on a par 3; how did you manage that!

Seniors Golfer No 2, “I chipped in from the bunker.”

Until next week,

Good golfing,



A Par from Pete!

 4th April

Welcome to my second little column on the Senior Social Golfer’s activities. I threatened to do a “Player’s Profile” every so often, and I thought it would be appropriate to start with Ian Trickett, given that he was one of the original movers and shakers of the Senior’s competition.

Ian Trickett was born in Uralla in 1929 and at the age of 17 he took on the role of Gatekeeper for the then New South Wales Government Railways at the Barley Field Railway Gates at Uralla. He spent 40 years with the NSWGR where he progressed through the various grades to become Station Master at West Tamworth.

When the Freight Centre was being built in West Tamworth, Ian showed a lot of interest in the project, and he made such a nuisance of himself at the site that they offered him the job as Manager which he held for five years until his retirement.

Throughout his life Ian was a great sportsman, excelling in cricket, tennis and golf. He represented Inland NSW against Coastal NSW twice, having scored a hat-trick (I wondered why they called him “Tricky”) in his first outing, and during the match the following year, the opposing team presented him with the ball which obviously had not been tampered with!

In conjunction with Artie Wilson, Ian helped establish the West Tamworth mid-week tennis competition which is still going strong today. At one stage, Ian and Artie were the senior doubles champions of Tamworth.

His sporting prowess also extended to golf, and most of us know what his involvement has been in that sport, having been instrumental in setting up the Senior’s competition, and one of his original partners-in-crime, Noel Dunford still plays golf with Ian. They take great pride in the fact that because of the way they set up the comp with a maximum handicap of 50, it allowed a lot of players to take part, and it was because of this that a lot of new members joined the Tamworth Golf Club.

I notice Ian has also got his name on the Honour Roll in the Club for a hole-in-one in 1995.

The Trickett sporting ability runs in the family, with Ian’s grandfather, Edward Trickett being the first ever Australian World Champion in any sport. Edward took the title from a chap called Mr Sadler in a sculling event on the Thames in England.

It seems that whatever Ian turned his hand to, he made a great success of it. In his retirement he has taken up two diverse hobbies – photography, and growing chrysanthemums. (I just wish it had been roses, which is a lot easier to spell!).

I have managed to get hold of a photograph of Ian with an array of ribbons he has won at the Tamworth Show over the years with his chrysanthemums and photography.

Ian has six children, 13 grandchildren, 2 great-grandchildren, and in his own words, a very understanding wife.

He is a great bloke to be acquainted with, loves a chat, and the energy he displays on the golf course puts a lot of us “youngsters” to shame.

We hope to see Ian burning up the course for many more years to come.

I hope you enjoyed Ian’s profile as much as I did researching it. And don’t forget, be prepared for when I come knocking on your door for an interview for the “Player’s Profile”.

Until next time, good golfing.