Mens Results

Wednesday 15th May 18 Hole Stableford Sponsor TGC Starters 124 Overall winner was Gary Armstrong with 39 Pts on a C/B from Ron Carr 3rd place went to Gary Turner with 38 Pts. Vets comp was won By Gary from Ron. Titleist Scratch winner was Lincoln Chatfield with 75. NTP’s Graeme Nichols (2) , Mick Hall, Butch Furneaux & Brad Hansen. Ball comp 29 places to 34 with a 16 C/b. DSR 70.

Saturday 18th May 2 Man Team + Individual Stableford Sponsors Mark Buckland, Les Futcher, David Hinwood & John Stavert. (long term & happiest group ever) Starters Men 138 Ladies 18. 2 Maqn Team winners were Tony Missen & Gary McMillan with 47 Pts runners up Jim Murray & Stephen Cartwright with 45 Pts. Individual event was won by Gordon Rae with 40 Pts 2nd place went to Stephen Mathews with 37 Pts and 3rd place went to Stephen Wilkinson also with 37 Pts ( as well as 3 other  players on that score) NTP’s Bryce Daniels, Don Willis, Daniel Wilson, Stephen Wilkinson & Andrew Chapman ( a lovely Hole in One). Ball comp 32 places to 33 with an 18 C/b. DSR 70.

Sunday 19th May AM,  Man Team + Individual Stableford Sponsors TGC Starters 63. 2 Man Team winners were David Hamilton & Linc Abberfield with 46 Pts. Individual winner was Linc Abberfield with 41 Punner up was Greg Tighe with 39 Pts and 3rd place went to Daine Cooper with 38 Pts on a C/b. NTP’s Keith Reading & Mk Haestier. Ball Comp 15 places to 34 on a C/b. DSR 70.

Sunday PM 18 Hole Restricted mixed Medley Stableford Sponsors Jo & Peter Foster Starters 20 Overall winners were Wendy Crowley & David Harris with 41 Pts runners up were Norelle Miller & Wayne Turner with 40 Pts 3rd place went to Suzanne & Barry Jenner with 40 Pts and 4th place went to Faye Hodge & Max Henry also on 40 Pts. NTP’s Barry Jenner & Peter Foster.

COMING EVENTS Wednesday 22nd May 18 Hole Stableford Sponsors G J Gardner Homes, Saturday 25th May 18 Hole Stableford John & Sean Killen Memorial Sunday 26th May 2 Man Team + Individual Stableford Sponsor TGC. Looking a few weeks ahead to Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th will be Big Hole Events (looking forward to those days) from reports on  the last one held , it is not as easy as it looks.

CLUB NEWS Hole in One now worth $13,330. To clarify one of our local rules, players are entitled to a preferred lie on ALL defined fairways, not just the fairway you are playing (designed to protect the fairways). Water is going to be a real worry for the Course, if no substantial rain is received, there is a real likelihood that our Annual Allocation may be very low, we will not know the allocation until early June, so hope like hell for some decent rain. Well That’s about all for this week, if you are playing, play well and Enjoy. SEA Eagle 1 (up to 4th place, look out, look out there is an Eagle about) 

Lady Golf Results

2019 Club, Grade & Veterans Championships
Club Champion Simone Puckeridge 336
Runner Up Amanda Kensell 341
B Grade Winner Trish Heffernan 396
Runner Up Tracey Fullbrook 403
C Grade Winner Jeanette Riordan 418
Runner Up Maree Kempton 427
A Grade Winner Peta Johnson 299
Runner Up Prue Done 303 c/b
B Grade Winner Trish Heffernan 300
Runner Up Di Boulton 303
C Grade Winner Jeanette Riordan 294
Runner Up Maree Kempto 299
Veteran Champion Stephanie King 343
Division 1 Nett
Winner Peta Johnson 299
Runner Up Stephanie King 303
Division 2 Nett
Winner Jeanette Riordan 294
Runner Up Di Boulton 303
Division 3 Nett
Winner Trish Heffernan 300
Runner Up Prue Done 303
Division 4 Nett
Winner Jenny Taylor 305
Runner Up Trish Goulding 306
Division 5 Nett
Winner Maree Kempton 299
Runner Up Magda Wordsworth 312


Thursday 23rd May 18 Hole Stroke Handicap – Final Rd Championships
66 DSR 74
Trophy Donors Prue Done, Helen Harkins, Mary Maher, Julie Peters, Ev Parnell & Julie McGrath
A Grade Winner Narelle Dunst 72
Runner Up
Peta Johnson 74 c/b
Simone Puckeridge 74
Simone Puckeridge 81
B Grade Winner Margaret Fenwicke 73
Runner Up Magda Wordsworth 74 c/b
3rd Elaine Lye 74
Scratch Elaine Lye 96
C Grade Winner Norelle Miller 75
Runner Up Maree Kempton 76
3rd Fay Wales 77
Scratch Maree Kempton 106
NTPs 3rd Tracey Fullbrook 
9th Faye Hodge
16th Peta Johnson
Ball Comp to: 79 c/b Carol West & Jeanette Riordan

Thursday 23rd May 9 Hole Stableford Starters 9
Janet Simson 15 c/b
Tory McCulloch 15 pts
Jean Blackah 13 pts
NTPs Janet Simson

Tuesday 21st May 18 Hole Stroke, 3rd Championships – Starters 64 DSR 73
Trophy Donors
Leonie Johnson, Peta Johnson, Lesley Jeffriess, Carey Larkworthy, Vicki McKnight and Debbie Montgomery
A Grade Winner
Peta Johnson 71
Runner Up
Sandra Linnet 72 c/b
Stephanie King 72
Simone Puckeridge 80
B Grade Winner
Val Chorlton 74 cb
Runner Up
Mary Maher 74
3rd Carol West 75

Val Chorlton 98
C Grade Winner
Maree Kempton 71
Runner Up
 Carol White 73
Jeanette Riordan 74 c/b
Maree Kempton 102
NTPs 3rd
Sandra Linnet, 9th Cherie Pilditch, 16th Simone Puckeridge
Ball Comp to 77 c/b
Carey Larkworthy, Lorraine McCann, Amanda Kensell

Saturday 18th May 

1st Rd Ladies Cup, GNSW Monthly medal VC, Tracey Fullbrook 3rd rd
trophy donor Stephanie King
1st Annette Roberts 73 c/b
2nd Suzanne Jenner 73
3rd Maree Kempton 76 c/b
4th Mary Gurd 76 c/b
5th Wendy Crowley 76
6th Norma Jurd 77 c/b
7th Deb Montgomery 77
Stephanie King 87
Julie Nicholls 91
Stephanie King
Tracey Fullbrook
Annette Roberts
Ball comp 7 places to 77  


Club Champion 2019 Simone Puckeridge & Veterans Champion 2019 Stephanie King