Mens Golf Results


Wednesday 18th September 18 Hole Stableford Sponsors Greg Bartlett Constructions Starters 126 Overall winner was Geoff Williams with 44 Pts runner up was Joe Gaspi with 43 Pts, 3rd place went to Neville Thomas with 41 Pts & 4th place went to Kevin Humphries also with 41 Pts. Vets was won by Geoff with Joe runner up. Titleist Scratch winner was Tom Gill with 73. NTP’s Paul Harvey, Peter Esdaile, Kevin Morgan, Terry Johnstone & Michael Killen. An eagle 2 was Achieved by Joe Goldsworthy on the 6th Hole (well done Joe). Ball comp 27 places to 37 with a 19 C/b C/b. DSR 70.

Saturday 21st September 18 Hole Stableford Sponsors TGC Starters Men 137, Ladies 19 Match Play 4. C Grade runner up was Michael Clibborn with 41 Pts, Scratch winner was Stephen Butler with 82.  B Grade winner was Jim Ryan with 41 Pts runner up Ernie  Hill with 41 Pts Scratch winner Peter Foster with 81.  A Grade winner was Keith Newby with 43 Pts, runner up was Gordon Rae with 41 Pts, Scratch winner was David Hamilton with 67. Overall winner from C Grade was Stephen Butler with 45 Pts. NTP’s Keith Bradbery, David Tufrey, Bill Constable, John Quinn & David Hamilton Ball comp 36 places to 36 with a 18 C/b C/b. DSR 70.

Sunday 22nd September  2 Man Team + Individual Stableford Sponsors TGC  Starters 53  2 Man Team winners were Craig & Jackson Sweeney with 46 Pts. Individual winner was Nathan Davis with 41 Pts runner up was Brian Wright with 39 Pts and 3rd place went to Anthony Barden with 38 Pts. NTP’s Andrew Chapman (2). Ball comp 14 places to 34 on a C/b.

Sunday also seen the completion of our Top Gun event for 2019 proudly sponsored by Raine & Horne Commercial. The event consisted of 18 players who qualified over a 6 monthly period + a person pulled from a hat. It is quite enthralling to watch 19 Players hit off from Tee 1 and each hole sees 1 player with the worst score drop out (sorry Choc 1st hole). at the end of the event there are only 2 players left and Greg Wilkinson emerged as the winner in a chip off with Wayne Magann (congrats to all players who received something for their troubles) 3rd place went to “CHESTY”. Our thanks to our great sponsor and hopefully they will continue in 2020.

COMING EVENTS Wednesday25th September 18 Hole Stableford Sponsors Raine & Horne, Saturday 28th September 18 Hole Stableford Sponsors Raine & Horne (Brian Bolitho) Sunday 29th September 2 Man Team + Individual Stableford Sponsors TGC. Sunday PM 18 Hole 4BBB V Par Mixed Restricted Medley Sponsor Sandra Linnett.

Club News Hole in One $368. Important result from Saturday where in the final of the 4Ball Match Play Michael King and Duncan Butler defeated (or thrashed) Alan Hooper & Darrell Johnson 6/5, well done Michael & Duncan. The poor old course continues to deteriorate and cart drivers please adhere to our rules of driving in the rough and walking to your ball using the 90% rule. Some drivers have been sighted still driving on the fairway (Please Don’t). A couple of groups have been playing slowly, please abide by our rules of 15 Minutes per hole and no stopping at halfway (other than to pick food and a drink) well that’s about it from the friendly Club for this week, if you are playing, play well and of course Enjoy !!!!!! Sea Eagle 1 (robbed).

Ladies Golf Results

Saturday 21st September 18 Hole Stroke
19 DSR 73 Trophy Donors Helen Savage and Jenny Butler
Gail Nolan 68 cb
Trudie Knight 68
Ros Sadler 70
Jan Hicks 71 cb
Jo Foster 71 cb
Sandra Moss 71
Wendy Ryan 72
NTPs 3rd
Ros Sadler, 9th Stephanie King, 16th Wendy Crowley
Gail Nolan – 28 putts

Thursday 19th September Starters 14
Anne Robson 21
Carol McKenzie 20 cb
Margaret Ryan 20 cb
Jenny Hawkins 20 cb
Susan Nelson 17 cb
NTPs 9th
Patsy Hughes 

Thursday 19th September 18 Hole Stroke Starters 54
A Grade Winner
Bev Stephens 66 Runner Up Carey Larkworthy 67 3rd Lynne Hibbard 69 cb Scratch Julie McGrath 81
B Grade Winner
Sally Hansen 63 Runner Up Janet Simpson 70 3rd Vicki McKnight 72 cb Scratch Sally Hansen 88
C Grade Winner
Rhonda Smith 68 Runner Up Vicki Tjanavaras 72 3rd Bettine Richardson 74 cb Scratch Rhonda Smith 98
NTPs 3rd Wendell Purss 9th Narelle Dunst 
Ball Comp to all 74s

Tuesday 17th September 4BBB Stableford Starters 48 DSR 73
Trophy Donors
Enjay Enterprises
Barb Truman & Ruth Osborne 49
Jeanette Riordan & Julie Peters 48
Jan Hayes & Carol White 46 cb
Trish Goulding & Pam Perkins 46 cb
Rhonda O’Brien & Di Goodare 46
Mary Ryman & Carol West 45 cb
Shirley Noble & Sue Behsman 45
Jenny Taylor & Ev Parnell 44 cb
9th Cathy Cameron & Narelle Dunst 44 cb
Rosie Plunkett & Lynne Hibbard 44 cb
NTPs 3rd
Mary Ryman 5th (2nd shot) Carol West 9th Maureen Thornton 13th (2nd shot) Elaine Lye 16th Carol West
18th C Grade 5th Shot
Carol White – in the hole