Men’s Golf Results 

WEDNESDAY 6TH OCTOBER –  18 Hole Stableford – Sponsor TGC – Starters 145 – Overall winner was Ben Leahy 42 Pts, runner up was Rob Wilkinson with 40 Pts, 3rd place went to John L Gray also with 40 pts and 4th place went to Rob Andrews with 39 Pts. Vets comp was won by Rob Wilkinson with 40 Pts from John L Gray with 40 Pts. Titleist Scratch winner Dan Daly (skinned rabbits) with 74. Ball comp 42 places to 35 with a 20 C/b.

SATURDAY 9TH OCTOBER – 18 Hole Stableford – Sponsors TGC – Starters Men 175 Ladies 26 Great field. C Grade Runner up was Chris Binks with 42 Pts, Scratch winner was Peter Thompson with 83. B Grade winner was Aaron O’Sullivan with 40 Pts, Runner up was Martin Gillies with 40 Pts as well, Scratch winner was Aaron O’Sullivan with 79.  A Grade winner was Andrew Chapman with 40 Pts Runner up was Andrew Aitken with 39 Pts, Scratch winner was David Hamilton with 71. Overall winner on the day was Peter Thompson with 45 Pts and a loss of 4 shots off his handicap. Ball comp 45 Places to 36 with a 17 C/b.

SUNDAY 10TH OCTOBER – 18 Hole Individual Stableford + 2 Man Team – Sponsors TGC – Starters 108 Individual winner was Matt Alston with 46 Pts, runner up was Peter Tyndall with 44 Pts and 3rd place went to Michael King with 42 Pts (how is that for good scores)  2 Man Team winners were Matt Alston & John Aslin with 52 Pts. Ball comp 28 Places to 36 Pts with a 18 c/b.

13th October – 18 Hole Stableford Sponsors TGC
Saturday 16th October – 18 Hole 4 Man Ambrose Sponsors Yogi Russ, David Skewes & Richard Perryman.
Sunday 17th October – 18 Hole Individual Stableford + 2 Man Team Sponsors TGC.++ 18 Hole Mixed Foursomes Championships Sponsors Rabbit Electrical Debbie & Rob Warren.
Don’t forget Club Championships are on Saturday 23rd October, Sunday 24th, Sat 30th & Sunday 31St

Hole in One now worth $765.  Still great fields and of course great scores, maybe the rain may take a bit of run out of the course, which is in fantastic condition for the Championships. All members should make it one of their priorities to make sure you understand all the rules currently in place in relation to COVID, remember these are not Golf Club rules, they are Public Health Orders and Golf NSW rules. Thats about all from the friendly Club for this week, if you are playing, play well and of course, enjoy.  SEA EAGLE 1.

WEDNESDAY 29TH SEPTEMBER – 18 Hole Stableford – Sponsors TGC – Starters 105 (rain interrupted play) Overall winner was Andrew Horton with 42 Pts, runner up was Stephen Young with 41 pts, 3rd place was Lee Charlesworth with 40 and 4th place went to Alan Rankin also with 40 Pts. Ball comp 28 places to 33 with an 18 C/b

SATURDAY 2ND OCTOBER – 18 Hole Stableford – Sponsors TGC – Starters Men 150 Ladies 22 – C Grade Results Winner Wolfgang Grayson with 37 Pts, runner up Kaidyn Saunders with 36 Pts, Scratch winner Wolfgang Grayson with 89. B Grade winner was Trevor Whiley with 41 Pts, runner up was Ricky Carey with 40 Pts, Scratch winner was Trevor Whiley with 79. A Grade runner up was Don Willis with 40 pts, Scratch winner was Matt Whiley with 72 (bit good for Dad Trevor) and the overall winner from A Grade was Matt Whiley with 41 Pts.  Ball comp 37 places to 34 with a 19 C/b.

SUNDAY 3RD OCTOBER – 18 Hole 2 Man Ambrose  (nice to play a different event)- Starters 124 – Sponsor CHOCO – Winners were Mark Barnes and Michael Bloem with 60.25 net, runners up Tony O’Connor and Jack Walsh with 60.75 net and 3rd place went to David Hamilton & David Lansbery with 61.0 net. Ball comp 10 places to 63.3 on a C/b


Wednesday 6th October – 18 Hole Stableford Sponsor Carey’s Freight Lines

Saturday 9th – 18 Hole Stableford Sponsors TGC

Sunday 10th October – 18 Hole Stableford + 2-Man Team Sponsors TGC.

Don’t forget, our Club championships start on Saturday 23rd October, continue on 24th, 30th and 31st of October and you can book your spots now if you like.


Hole in One now worth $430.  The course continues to play better after our renovations, the greens especially, a nice drop of rain recently has certainly helped. Well, that’s all from the friendly Club for this week, if you are playing, play well and enjoy !!!!!!!, (Sea Eagle 1, go you good things Panthers, great win, and a great game)





Ladies Golf Results


THURSDAY 14TH OCTOBER – 18 Hole Stableford – Starters 59 – Trophy Donor: Tamworth Discount Drug Store
A Grade – Winner Rhonda O’Brien 39pts, Runner Up Narelle Dunst 36pts, 3rd Prue Done 35pts
B Grade – Winner Carol West 37pts, Runner Up Ev Parnell 36pts, 3rd Sue Hynes 34pts c/b
C Grade – Winner Joanna Ryan 38pts, Runner Up Robyn Dunstan 37pts, 3rd Amber Hill 35pts
Ball Comp to 27 places – 31 points Della Ruttley, Wendell Purss, Peta Johnson, Janet Simson

THURSDAY 14TH OCTOBER – 9 Hole Stableford – Starters 9
1st Rosie Plunkett 20pts, 2nd Lynne Hibbard 18pts, 3rd Janelle Swab 17pts

SATURDAY 9TH OCTOBER – 18 Hole Stableford – Starters 26 – Trophy Donor: Shoppingworld
1st J.Foster 40pts, 2nd B.Pieper 39pts, 3rd H.Hill 38pts, 4th B.Muller 37pts c/b
Ball Comp 11 places including above C.Hughes, C.Pilditch, K.Macrae, M.Gurd, P.Clark, C.Pyne, J.Preston

THURSDAY 7TH OCTOBER – 18 Hole Stroke – Starters 62 – Other Events: MM, Putting, Jean Hanly Memorial Trophy – Trophy Donor: Hanly Family
A Grade – Winner Jenny Taylor 70nett, Runner Up Stephanie King 71, 3rd Tracey Pitt 72 c/b, Scratch Stephanie King 81, Putting Stephanie King 26
B Grade – Winner Cherie Pilditch 68 nett, Runner Up Vicki McKnight 69 MM, 3rd Faye Hodge 71 c/b, Scratch Cherie Pilditch 90, Putting Wendy Crowley 31c/b
C Grade – Winner Sue Behsman 61, Runner Up Robyn Dunstan 68, 3rd Di Boulton 70 c/b, Scratch Sue Behsman 93, Putting Barb Truman 31
Ball Comp to 28 places 75c/b – V.Chorlton, L.mcCann, J.West

THURSDAY 7TH OCTOBER – 9 Hole Stableford – Starters 7
1st Rosie Plunkett 20pts, 2nd Amber Hill 18pts, 3rd Anne Robson 16pts

TUESDAY 5TH OCTOBER – 4BBB Stableford with Individual – Starters 46
1st Bettine Richardson & Lindy Humphries 48 pts
2nd Maureen Thornton & Ros Abra 47 pts
3rd Vicki Tjanavaras & Faye Hodge 45 pts
4th Di Boulton & Carol White 44 pts
5th Carol West & Della Ruttley 43 pts c/b
6th Julz Nash & Ev Parnell 43 pts
7th Karen McIlveen & Lorraine McCann 42 pts
8th Helen Hill & Leonie Johnson 41 c/b
9th Deidre Priestly (Sue Hynes) 41 c/b
10th Barb Truman & Elaine Lye 41 c/b
11th Lynne Hibbard & Robyn Fraser 41 c/b
Individual Winner Bettine Richardson 44 pts


SATURDAY 2ND OCTOBER – 18 Hole Stroke – Starters 22 – other events: MM, Jean Hanly Memorial qualifying – Trophy Donors: Easy living Footwear 1st-2nd, 2rd Chris Hughes
1st Julie Nicholls 70 nett c/b, Trudie Knight 70 nett c/b, 3rd Tracey Pitt 73 nett
Monthly Medal Julie Nicholls
Ball comp 10 places to 78 c/b including above & E.Gunn, A.Burgess, K.Macrae, J.Foster, J.West, S.King, N.Leonard

THURSDAY 30TH SEPTEMBER – 18 Hole Stableford – Starters 35, Other events VPS
Trophy Donors: Peta Johnson, Stephanie King, Lorraine McCann
A Grade Winner Stephanie King 38 pts, Runner Up Narelle Dunst 35 pts, 3rd Jenny Taylor 34 pts
B Grade Winner Wendell Purss 42 pts, Runner Up Rebecca Wrightson 39 pts, 3rd Janet Simson 35 pts
C Grade Winner Leonie Johnson 36 pts c/b, Runner Up Vicki Tjanavaras 36 pts, 3rd Della Ruttley 34 pts
Ball comp 16 places to 31 pts c/b including B. Richardson

THURSDAY 30TH SEPTEMBER – 9 Hole Stableford – Starters 4
1st Amber Hill 13 pts, 2nd Tina Vickery 12 pts c/b