Men’s Golf Results


WEDNESDAY 13th MAY 2020    –    18 Hole Stableford

SPONSORS  –  Dutton’s Electrical (Thanks Dutto!)
STARTERS  –  123

Overall Winner was Andrew Cameron with 39 Pts. (Welcome return to form). Runner-up was Dan Sullivan with 38 Pts, 3rd Place, Dan Daly with 38 Pts and 4th Place went to Dennis Hilton also with 38 Pts. (A few c / b’s needed there!)

Vets Comp was won by Stephen Butler with 38 Pts, and Runner-up Barry Thomas also with 38 Pts.

No NTP’s, Ball comp 39 places to all 34’s.




SATURDAY 16th MAY 2020      –    18 Hole Stableford

SPONSORS  –  Mark Buckland, David Hinwood, Les Futcher & John Stavert … Wonderful Sponsors 🙂
STARTERS  –     Men    144            Ladies    20

C Grade Results:
Winner was Phil Heffernan with 36 Pts, Runner-up was Tony Fisher with 36 Pts and Scratch Winner was Tony Fisher with 90. (New Handicap?) .

B Grade Results:
Winner was Murray Day with 39 pts and Runner-up was Daniel Sullivan with 38 pts. Scratch Winner was Daniel Sullivan with 82.

A Grade Results:
Runner-up was John Ireland with 36 pts, Scratch Winner was David Hamilton with 68 and the Overall Winner from A Grade was Dennis Martin with 37 Pts. (No Pot Dennis).

No NTP’s Ball comp 36 places to 32 with a 16 c / b.




SUNDAY 17th MAY 2020    –    18 Hole Stableford

SPONSORS  –   Tamworth Golf Club
STARTERS   –    121

Overall Winner was Trevor Johnson with 41 Pts, Runner-up was Brendan Summerfield with 40 Pts and 3rd Place went to Anthony Dutton with 39 Pts. 4th Place went to Pat Crowe with 38 Pts on a c / b. 

No NTP’s Ball comp 38 places to 32 with a 17 c / b.




Wednesday  20th May        18 Hole Stableord                         Sponsor   –  TGC

Saturday  23rd May             18 Hole Stableford                       Sponsor  –  Memorial Day for John & Sean Killen         

Sunday  24th May                 18 Hole Stableford Medley         Sponsors  –  TGC




HOLE in ONE now worth $10,521!!

Great news for our Golfers! Preferred lies are OFF from Monday 18th May. This includes fairways and the rough. On designated fairways only where your ball is on  a bare patch you are entitled to a drop.

Under our local rules in the rough and other areas, where cart paths or course machinery have obviously been impacted, you are entitled to a free drop, at all times though your marker makes that decision.  Scores will certainly decrease, however golf was meant to be played as the ball lies.

Moving to 4 players per group has made a difference, although players be aware, none of the other rules that were in place have changed, so please be aware and still abide by those rules. 

Our club Directors thank all players for their continued support of our Club as the golf numbers continue to rise.

Also be aware of our packaged beer prices have been reduced to a price rivalling Woollies and Coles… so to help our Club, do your beer purchases through us.

Well that’s about it from the friendly  Club for this week, so play well and enjoy the course as it is in excellent condition and the weather has been great. SEA EAGLE 1 🙂


Ladies Golf Results


SATURDAY 18th APRIL 2020    –    Ladies 18-Hole Individual Stableford

NAME                                                                            SCORE                                PRIZE
1st   –    Stephanie King                                               37 pts                                  $31.50
2nd      Ros Sadler                                                       34 pts                                 $19.00
3rd   –    Bianca Pieper                                                 33 pts                                 $12.50
4th   –    Christine Hughes                                           32 pts                                 1 ball

TUESDAY 21st APRIL 2020    –    18 Hole Stableford

NAME                                                                            SCORE                               PRIZE                             

1st   –    Stephanie King                                                37 pts                              $61.50
2nd     Ros Sadler                                                        35 pts                               $46.00
3rd   –   Kay Hobbs                                                        35 pts                              $31.00
4th  –   Cherie Pilditch                                                   32 pts                              $15.50



THURSDAY 23rdth APRIL 2020  –  18 Hole Individual

NAME                                                                            SCORE                                PRIZE

1st   –    Stephanie King                                               35 pts                                 $81.00
2nd     Christine Hughes                                            34 pts                                 $61.00
3rd   –   Jennifer Butler                                                34 pts                                 $40.50
4th   –   Wendy Cabot                                                  34 pts                                 $20.50