Mens Golf Results

Wednesday 13th November 18 hole Stableford  Sponsors TGC Starters 122, Overall winner was Nathan Davis with 44 Pts runner up was Chris Power also with 44 Pts and 3rd place went to Warwick Bennet with 42 Pts. Vets winner was Warwick runner up R B Taylor with 39 Pts. Titleist Scratch winner was Mitch Power with 72. NTP’s Gordon Way, Nathan Anderson, Mitch Power (2) & Gary McMillan. Ball comp 32 places to 35 with a 17 C/b. DSR 70.

Friday 15th November 18 Hole 4 Person Ambrose Sponsors Woodley’s Motors Volkswagen Scramble Starters 135. Overall winners were T Flemming, S Capewell, P Cain & B Morrissey with a fine score of 49.9 net, runners up were Bryce Daniels, Jonathon bell, Alan Smith & Ricky Hannaford with 52.9 net & 3rd place went to Michael Bloem, Dustin Evans, Nev Williams & Mark Barnes with 54.6 net . NTP’s D Avery, N Robertson, C Binks, & N Jolliffe..The first and second placegetters now qualify for Bonville in 2020 on a date to be announced.

Saturday 16th 18 Hole Stroke Round for Monthly Medal and Gold Medal, Sponsors Michael King, Dean Taylor & Charly Wilson (great sponsors) Starters Men 124 Ladies 16. C Grade winner was Ernie Tolmie with 68 net, runner up was John Lovell with 70 net and the Scratch winner was Mark Elliott with 93.  B Grade runner up was “Dusty”Russell with 67 net, the Scratch winner was Ross Dobson with 80.  A Grade winner was Stephen Mathews with 67 net runner up was Gary McMillan with 69 net, Scratch winner was Stephen Mathews with 74. The overall winner of the Monthly Medal was Ross Dobson with 67 Net and the Gold Medsal winner for the year was Stephen Mathews with 67 net. NTP’s Steven Cartwright, Col Eunson, Glen Balderston, Trevor Cook & Stephen Young. Ball Comp 237 places to 72 with a 34 C/b. DSR 70.

Sunday 17th November 18 Hole 4BBB V Par Tamworth Open Fourball Sponsors ARISTOCRAT Starters 116. Overall winners were Nathan Davis & Simon Whiley with +10 runners up were Jake Philp & Mark Fisher with +9, 3rd place went to Kevin Rule & Tony Fisher with +9, 4th were Patrick Bradbery & Chris Hanson with +9 and 4th place went to Dan Daly & Stephen Butler also with +9. Scratch winners were David Hamilton & Lincoln Abberfield with +7 (great score ) runners up were John Trevaskis &  Richard McGhie with square. NTP’s Simon Whiley, Lee Baker, David Hamilton, Nathan Davis & Jamie Moffat. Ball comp 23 places to +5 with a +3 C/b. The Club offers it’s thanks to our Sponsors.  Coming Events Wednesday 20th November 18 Hole Stableford Sponsors TGC, Saturday 23rdNovember 18 Hole Stableford Sponsors Robert & Richard English. Sunday 24th November 18 Hole Stableford Sponsors TGC.   Club News Hole in one now worth $2850. Following are the results of some club Competitions held throughout the year: Village Pies Cup won by Peter Foster,  Brosie Martin Shield won by Stephen Mathews,  Lavell/Ruttley Shield won by Patrick Bradbery, Most Improved Player won by Ryan McKinnon reduced handicap from 27 to 12, 4 Ball Match Play won by Michael King & Duncan Butler Runners up Darrell Johnson & Alan Hooper.  Individual Match Play won by Bryce Daniels, runner up was Paul Nolan.Gold Medal winner was Stephen Mathews. Top Gun winner was Greg Wilkinson, 2nd Wayne Magann, 3rd Chesty Bannister. Brock Sampson Trophies for best scratch scores in each grade for the year A Grade, David Hamilton, B Grade Glen Balderston, C Grade Jeff Parker 81. Thanks to all of our great sponsors, as always and congratulations to all of our winners and runners up. No more for this week. Sea Eagle 1

NovemberLadies Golf Results

Tuesday 19th November Starters 29 Trophy Donors Bakers Delight Ev Parnell
Ev Parnell 37 cb
Jenny Taylor 37 pts
Rosie Plunkett 35 cb
Kay Swadling 35 pts
Elaine Lye 34 cb
Maureen Thornton 34 cb
Helen Hill 34 cb
Carol West 34 cb
Carey Larkworthy 34 pts
NTPs 3rd 
Chris Hughes, 9th Magda Wordsworth, 16th Kay Swadling

Saturday 16th November 18 Hole Stableford Starters 16 DSR 73
Trophy Donors Brock Sampson Golf
1st Wendy Ryan 35 pts
2nd Cherie Pilditch 34 pts
3rd Jan Hicks 32 pts cb
4th Chris Hughes 32 pts
5th Annette Roberts 31 pts cb
6th Norelle Miller 31pts
NTPs 3rd Chris Hughes 9th Debbie Montgomery 16th Annette Roberts 
Ball Comp to 6 places 31 pts

Saturday 9th November Starters 21 DSR 73
Cherie Pilditch 70
Lesley Jeffriess 73
Pat Clark 77 cb
Rhonda O’Brien 77
Wendy Ryan 78 cb
Helen S 78 cb
Ros Sadler 78 cb
Margaret Fenwicke 78cb
NTPs 3rd
Janelle Preston 9th Cherie Pilditch 16th Tracey Fullbrook

Saturday 9th November 18 Hole 4BBB Stableford Starters 45 DSR 23
1st Jenny Butler & Barb Truman 47 pts
2nd Lesley Jeffriess & Vicki Tjanavaras 43
3rd Anne Robson & Carol White 42
4th Carey Larkworthy & Mary Gurd 42
5th Peta Johnson & Norma Jurd 42
6th Cherie Pilditch & Ev Parnell 42
7th Della Ruttley & Wendy Cabot 42
8th Ros Sadler & Sue Hynes 42
NTPs 3rd Trish Goulding 9th Della Ruttley 16th Prue Done

Tuesday 5th November Starters 34
1st Ros Sadler & Wendy Cabot 78
Di Bramlett & Deirdre Priestly 78 1/8
Peta Johnson & Lesley Jeffriess 79
Julie Nicholls & Prue Done 79 7/8
Ev Parnell & Chris Hughes 81 3/8
Jeanette Riordan & Lynne Collier 81 5/8
NTPs 3rd
Fay Wales & Carol White 9th Wendy Cabot & Ros Sadler
Lesley Jeffriess & Peta Johnson