Mens Results


Wednesday 20th March 18 Hole Stableford Sponsors Brosie, Martin & Barnett (30 years as sponsors) Starters 140 Overall winner with 43 Pts was Max Shearer (retired now more time to play) runner up was John Grills with 40 Pts and 4rd place went to “Chesty”Bannister also with 40 Pts. Max was the Vets winner as well from John. Titleist scratch winner was Rob Studte with a fine 70. NTP’s Max Russell , John Grills, Craig Wilson, Max Shearer & Lars Unger. Ball comp 33 places to 34 with an 18 C/b. DSR 69.

Saturday 23rd March 18 Hole Stableford Sponsor TW Signs (Wayne Turner long term sponsor) Starters Men 133 Ladies 20. C Grade winner was Jake Everett with 42 Pts runner up Mark Elliott  with 37 pts, Scratch winner Jake Everett with 86. B Grade runner up was Jake Philp with 42 Pts, Scratch winner was Jake Philp with 78. A Grade winner was Trevor Leicht with 41 Pts runner up Gary McMillan with 38 Pts, Scrtach winner was Gordon Rae with 73. Overall winner from B Grade was Greg Demery with 43 Pts. NTP’s Gordon Rae, Dan Daly, Pat York, Lincoln Abberfield & Darrell Johnson. Ball comp 34 Places to 34 with a 15 C/b. DSR 70

Sunday 24th March 2 Man Team + Individual Stableford Sponsors TGC Starters 53 2 Man Team winners were Trevor Hill & Owen Whale with 45 Pts. Individual Results were Ryan McKinnon with 42 Pts runner up was Mitch Power with 39 Pts and 3rd place went to Ian McKenzie with 36 Pts. NTP’s Scott Byrne & Tony Barden. Ball comp 1 places to 34 on a C/b. DSR 70.

COMING EVENTS Today 18 Hole Stableford Sponsors TGC Saturday 30th March 18 Hole Stableford BIG Hole Sponsors Beaver & Brock, Sunday 31st March 2 Man Ambrose Big Hole Sponsors Beaver & Brock. Saturday 6th April  GARY DAVIS Memorial.

CLUB NEWS Hole in One now worth $10,874. The Annual Vets Week of Golf gets under way At Tamworth today with approx. 140 players playing in the first round, tomorrow they play at the L/Y, Thursday at the L/Y and Friday at Tamworth the Dinner and presentation of Trophies will be held at Tamworth on Thursday night, good luck to all of the players, we hope you all have a great golfing week. To our Volunteers, who gave the Palm tree a haircut last weekank you and I must say they look great. The course itself continues to amaze and our heartfelt thanks go to our wonderful ground staff for their efforts. All Visitors we have had over the past 6 months are in awe of the condition of the course compared to their own courses. Well not much more  news this week, so if you are playing play well and Enjoy. Sea Eagle 1 (Oh well)




Ladies Results

Tuesday 26th March 2019 18 Hole Stableford Starters 37 DSR 75
1st Bettine Richardson 33 cb
2nd Jenny Butler 33 cb
3rd Ros Sadler 33
4th Carey Larkworthy 32 cb
5th Wendy Cabot 32
NTPs 3rd Carey larkworthy, 9th Ros Sadler, 16th Lesley Jeffriess
Ball Comp to 28 points

Saturday 23rd March 2019 Starters 19 DSR 73 
Trophy Donors T. Fullbrook, M. Gurd, A. Hamilton, J. Hicks
1st Jo Foster -2 cb
2nd Julie Nicholls -2
3rd Annette Roberts -3
NTPs Annette Roberts, Norma Jurd, Stephanie King
Ball Comp to 7 places -5 cb Jennie West & Stephanie King

Thursday 21st March 18 Hole Par 1st Patroness
Starters 58 DSR 78 Trophy Donors Careys Freight Lines
A Grade Winner Stephanie King +4
Runner Up Trish Goulding
3rd Peta Johnson -1
B Grade Winner Kay Swadling -2 cb
Runner up Ev Parnell -2 cb
3rd Deirdre Priestly -2
C Grade Winner Marg Fenwicke +3
Runner Up Sue Nelson -5 cb
3rd Jeanette Riordan -5
NTPs Janet Simpson, Bettine Richardson, Ros Abra, Lesley Jeffriess, Stephanie King
Ball Comp to all -6

9 Hole Individual Stableford Starts 8 21st March 2019
1st Carol Shand 15 pts
2nd Carol McKenzie 14 pt
3rd Jenny Hawkins 13 pts
4th Carmel Whitten 11 pts cb


Ladies Foursomes Championships 19.3.19
Julie Nicholls & Natalie Studte won the championships, and the Handicap Winners were Ros Sadler & Pat Clark