Wednesday 6/12 18 Hole Stableford Sponsors Priority Home Loans & Dome Financial Group (Hams Galore thanks Guys) Starters 154 Overall winner was Kevin Morgan with 43 Pts, runner up Arthur Ruttley with 41 Pts and 3rd place went to Ben Green also with 41 Pts. Titleist Scratch winner was Brad Hansen with 70 (par round). Vets winner was Kevin Morgan with 43 Pts runner up Arthur Ruttley with 41 Pts. NTP’s Tony Brann, Dennis Martin, SHane Dowton, Steven Fletcher & Michael Ellashet . 2 of those players won hams, the other 3 4 Balls each. Ball comp 39 places to 35 with a 17 C/b. DSR 69.

Saturday ( December 18 Hole Stableford Sponsors Tamworth Chainsaw & Mower Centre (26 years as sponsor) Starters Men 130 Ladies 14 C Grade runner up Pat York with 37 Pts Scratch winner Pat York with 90. B Grade winner was David Harris with 39 pts runner up Martin Gillies with 38 Pts, Scratch winner Jim Murray with 79. A grade runner up Stephen Mathews with 38 Pts overall winner a Grade was Trumaine Rankmore with 39 Pts and the Scratch winner was Ben McMillan with 73. Overall winner on the day from C Grade was Brad Thrift with 40 Pts. NTP’s Bruce Clare, Chris Morris, Ian Pearson, Stephen Mathews& Bill Constable. Ball comp 21 places to 36 with 17 C/b. DSR 69.  Sunday 10 December AM 2 Man team + Individual tbleford Sponsor John Quinn Radiators Starters 64 2 Man Team winners were Owen MlAdenovic & Brian Wright with 47 Pts. Individual results were Winner Brian Haworth wit 41 Pts runner up Stan Kumfor with 39 Pts and 3rd place went to Daine Cooper with 39 Pts. NTP’s George Kven & Brian Haworth . Ball comp 14 places to 35 with a 19 C/b DSR 69. PM  8 Hole Restricted Medley Mixed Par Sponsors Peta & Dennis Martin + Della & Arthur Ruttley. Hams and turkeys were the order of the day with a record field of 54 Starters(Great day) 5th place went to Simone Puckeridge & Sandra Linnett with +8, 4th Rosanne Saddler & David Harris +8 3rd Gail & Paul Nolan +9, runners up were Sandrs 7 bill Moss with +10 and the winners of the day were Debbie & Bob Montgomery also with +10. Ball comp went down to +6. NTP’ s Robert Warren & David Harris. COMING EVENTS Today 18 Hole Stableford Sponsor Mick Hall Mtce Services, Saturday 16 December, Sunday 11th December 2 Man Team + Individual stableford Sponsors Nick Baker, Steve Ford, Owen Whale & Trevor Hill.  Also don’t forget Saturday 23 December The Best of the Boys present a 2 Man Ambrose for the CRAZY PINS DAY, one of our best events of the year, normally draws a crowd o around 220 +6. Club News Hole in One now worth $7962, someone please win it before Xmas. Well all of our Hams days are over and then Board conveys it’s thanks to the  great sponsors involved in putting on the best days ever. The Golf course itself is probably in the best condition it’s ever been in and our thanks go to our great team out on the Course led by Steve Hirst + his very energetic team. Well no more news, if you are playing this week, play well and enjoy. Sea Eagle 1 ( what a load of croc re 3rd party payments,  their all doing it).