Men’s Golf Results 

WEDNESDAY 12TH JANUARY – 18 Hole Individual Stableford – Sponsors TGC – Starters 136.
Overall winner was Rob Kahler with 42 Pts, runner up was Greg Wilkinson with 39 Pts on C/b from Wayne Smyth 39, & Nathan Davis 39. Vets Comp won by Robert Kahler with 42 Pts from Greg Wilkinson with 39 Pts. Titleist Scratch winner was Blake Fitzgerald with 70. NTP’s John Ireland, Robert Kahler, Tony Goodwin, Grant Long & Andrew Sippel. Ball comp 30 places to 34 with an 18 C/b.

SATURDAY 15TH JANUARY – 18 Hole Stableford – Sponsor TGC – Starters Men 127 Ladies 17.
C Grade winner was Dylan Matheson with 40 Pts, runner up was Lars Unger with 37 Pts, Scratch winner was Lars Unger with 92. B Grade runner up was Brendan Summerfield with 39 Pts, Scratch winner was Ricky Carey with 79. A Grade winner was Chris Savovski with 39 Pts on a C/b from Peter Missen also with 39 pts. Scratch winner was John Trevaskis (nice to see him playing our course) with 69. Overall winner on the day was Ricky Carey with 40 Pts.

SUNDAY 16TH JANUARY – 18 Hole Stableford + 2 Man Team – Sponsors TGC – Starters 62.
Individual Results the winner was Graeme Nash with 43 Pts, runner up was Natalie Leonard with 41 Pts & 3rd place went to Scott Bradbery with 40 Pts. 2 Person Team winners were Natalie Leonard & Jamie Moffat with 49 Pts. Ball comp 13 places to 35 with a 20 C/b. NTP’s Bill Cook, & Nathan Myhill. Highlight of the day was an Eagle 2 on the 15th Hole to Greg McLeod, who collected 41 balls for his excellent eagle.

WEDNESDAY 19TH JANUARY – 18 hole Stableford Sponsors TGC
SATURDAY 22ND JANUARY – 18 Hole Stableford Sponsors TGC
SUNDAY 23RD JANUARY – Individual Stableford + 2 Man Team Sponsors TGC

Hole in One now worth $4,012. Some worthwhile rain received on the course last Tuesday (43mm) however it was very dry before that, however we had another sharp shower on Saturday late, which will also help.  The Club is short of sponsors on Wednesdays and Sunday mornings, anyone who can help please contact Ken Mundy, any help would be appreciated. Well from the friendly Club for this week, thats all folks, if you are playing this week, stay cool, play well and stay healthy.  SEA EAGLE 1.

WEDNESDAY 5TH JANUARY – 18 Hole Stableford – Sponsors TGC – Starters 160.
Overall Winner was “Boo” Pyne with 42 Pts, Runner Up was Chris Savovski with 41 Pts, 3rd place went to Craig Long also with 41 Pts and 4th place went to Brian Haworth with you guessed it 41 Pts. Vets Winner was Stuart Pyne with 42 Pts, Runner Up Craig Long with 41 Pts. Titleist Scratch Winner David Hamilton with 69. Ball comp 39 places to 36 with a 19 C/b C/b

SATURDAY 8TH JANUARY – 18 Hole Stableford – Sponsors TGC – Starters Men 137, Ladies 17.
C Grade Results were Winner Robert Chase with 38 Pts, Runner Up Jason Collins with 36 Pts, Scratch Winner Robert Chase with 88. B Grade Winner was Chris Power with 40 Pts, Runner Up was Michael King with 36 Pts, Scratch Winner was Chris Power with 82. A Grade Runner Up was Jonathon Bell with 39 Pts, Scratch Winner was David Hamilton with 68. Overall Winner on the day was Chris Savovski with 40 Pts. NTP’s Duncan Butler, David Hamilton, Don Willis, Craig Thompson & Dean Muller. Ball comp 29 places to 35 with a 18 C/b.

SUNDAY 9TH JANUARY – 18 Hole 2 Man Team + Individual Stableford – Sponsors TGC – Starters 95. Overall Individual Winner was Louis Pursehouse with 44 Pts on a C/b from Richard Jeffrey, 3rd place went to James Smith with 39 Pts on a C/b. 2 Man Team results Winners were Brad Lockrey & James Smith with 48 Pts on a C/b from Steve Lingwood & George Banks. NTP’s C Footit & J Ireland. Ball comp 26 places to 35 with a 19 C/b.

WEDNESDAY 12TH JANUARY – 18 Hole Stableford – Sponsors TGC
SATURDAY 15TH JANUARY – 18 Hole Stableford – Sponsors TGC.
SUNDAY 16TH JANUARY – 18 Hole Individual Stableford + 2 Man Team Sponsors TGC.

Hole in one now worth $3709. Not much news this week, fields continue to be very good, allowing for the weather. Would be nice to see some rain on the course as you can see from the high scores, the course is very dry. If you are playing this week, play well and of course, enjoy! SEA EAGLE1.







Ladies Golf Results


SATURDAY 11TH DECEMBER – 4BBB Stableford – Starters 21 – Trophy Donors: G. Nolan, R. O’Brien
1st Jo Foster & Trudie Knight 45pts
2nd Lyn Bagster & Ros Sadler 40pts
3rd Sue Jenner & Patricia Harvey 39pts
NTP’s L. Giddings & R. Wrightson, J. Preston & A. Burgess, S. King & T. Pitt
Ball Comp 6 balls to above 1st to 3rd

SATURDAY 4TH DECEMBER – 18 Hole Stableford – Hams Day – Starters 17 – Trophy Donors: Peta Johnson, Stephanie King & Carey Larkworthy
1st Tracey Pitt 36 pts
2nd Ros Sadler 35 pts
3rd Narelle Dunst 32 pts c/b
NTPS – N. Dunst, T. Pitt, N. Dunst
Ball Comp 9 places to 30 pts including K. Macrae, D. Montgomery, S. Jenner, T. Knight, L. Bagster, J. Foster

THURSDAY 2ND DECEMBER – 18 Hole Stableford – Starters 64 – Trophy Donors: Prue Done, Lesley Jeffriess, Jenny Taylor, Carey Larkworthy
A Grade – Winner Julie McGrath 38, Runner Up Janet Simson 35 c/b, 3rd Jules Nash 35
B Grade – Winner Della Ruttley 39, Runner Up Vicki Betts 36, 3rd Elaine Lye 35 c/b
C Grade – Winner Amber Hill 36, Helen Harkins 31, 3rd Jan Hicks 28 c/b
NTP’s – Vicki McKnight, Helen Harkins, Debbie Montgomery, MaryAnne Macklinshaw, Michelle Johnston
Ball Comp 27 places to all 29 points

THURSDAY 2ND DECEMBER – 9 Hole Stableford – Starters 8
1st Anne Robson 13 pts c/b
2nd Lynne Dennis 13 pts
3rd Patsy Hughes 12 pts
4th Steph Smith 11 pts

TUESDAY 30TH NOVEMBER – 18 Hole Stableford – Starters 55 – Other Events: Brock Sampson Trophy Day
Overall Winner Mary Gurd 37 pts c/b
A Grade – Winner Stephanie King 37 pts, Runner Up Wendell Purss 34 pts, 3rd Cherie Pilditch 33 c/b
B Grade – Runner Up Sally Hansen 3 c/b, 3rd Pat Clark 37
C Grade – Winner Jan Hicks 30, Runner Up Judy King 29 c/b, 3rd Helen Hill 29 c/b
NTP’s Janelle Swab, Barb Truman, Pat Clark
Ball Comp to 20 places to 29 pts c/b including Ruth Osborne