Mens Results

Wednesday 7 Oct 18 Hole Stableford Sponsors TGC Starters 111 Overall winner was “Nifty” Neville Thomas with 42 Pts, he also won the Vets, runner up was Peter Balding with 41 Pts, Peter was runner up in the Vets, third place went to Nathan Archer with 41 Pts. Titleist Scratch winner was Nathan Archer with 71. NTP’s Peter Esdaile, Gordon Way, Daniel Wilson, Adam Hitchin & Trevor Leicht. Ball comp 23 places to 36 with a 20 C/b. DSR 69.

Saturday 10 November 2 Man Team + Individual Stableford Chris Halpin Memorial Day  Sponsored by his Family and many mates. Starters Men 144 Ladies 19. 2 Man Team winners were Gary Dillon & Luke Halpin with 51 Pts (wow) runners up were Andrew Chapman & Mark Barnes with 49 Pts. Individual winner was Bill O’Brien with 43 ?Pts, runner up was Andrew Chapman with 43 pts(70 off the stick) and 3rd place went to Lee Baker with 43Pts. NTP’s Ross Dobson, Glynn Gray, Robert Hine (vis)Chris Savovski & Darren Johnston. Ball comp m35 places to 36 Pts with a 19 C/b. DSR 69.

Sunday 11th November AM Team + Individual Stableford Starters 59 Sponsors Larry Marker Consctructions 2 Man team winners were Joshua Crittenden & Thomas Grogan with 47 Pts. Individual winner was Michael King with 40 Pts runner up was Nathan Handsaker also with 40 Pts and 3rd place went to Joshua Crittenden with 39 Pts. NTP’s Darrell Johnson & Greg Wilkinson. Ball comp 12 places to 36 Pts and better. Sunday PM 18 Hole Mixed Restricted Medley American Foursomes Sponsors Maree & Trevor Kempton Starters 22 Winners were Julie & Graeme Nicholls with 69.1 net runners up Jo & peter Foster with 69.8 net and 3rd place went to Tracey Fullbrook & Jim Murray with 73.6 net. NTP’s Faye Hodge & Julie Nicholls.

COMING EVENTS : Today 18 Hole Stableford Sponsors Bank Of Queensland, Saturday 17th November 4Man Ambrose Sponsors Daryl Russ, David Skewes, Richard Perryman & Ross Dobson. Sunday AM 2 Man Team + Individual Stableford Sponsors TGC.

CLUB NEWS :Hole In One now worth $5,174 (nice Xmas Present Eh) . News of the week, 2 of our members Mark Fisher & Jake Philp were successful in winning the Armidale Jug on the weekend with a fantastic score of +12, very prestigious event and the winnings were quite substantial, so well done Mark & Jake. This pair also represented the CNDGA at Bonville this year in the Keno Men’s championships, so they are forming quite a formidable team. Our course is still in pretty good shape, we need more rain, however can only hope. A couple of bad tidings following the loss of ex member Michael Buttenshaw, to his Family we offer our condolences. Les Swadling has suffered a stroke and we only hope that he recovers and to Kay and his family we offer our good wishes for his speedy recovery. That’ s all  from the friendly Club, if you are playing play well and enjoy. The Seafood Night set down for 16th November has been cancelled due to lack of numbers. SEA EAGLE 1

Ladies Results

Thursday 15th November 9 Hole Stableford Starters 10 
Anne Robson 20pts
Sue Baker 15 pts
June Chen 14 pts
Bettine Richardson

18 Hole Stableford Starters 64
Overall Winner Julie Peters 39
A Grade Runner Up Janelle Preston 36 cb
B Grade Winner Pat Clark 38
Runner Up Di Boulton 37
C Grade Winner Carol Shand 36
Runner Up Norelle Miller 33 cb
NTPs Janelle Preston, Jenny Taylor, Trish Goulding
Ball Comp to 28 places 30 cb Narelle Dunst


Tuesday 13th November Starters 44
Jenny Fisher & Jenn Moore 73 1/2
Narelle Dunst & Ev Parnell 75 1/2
Sue Hynes & Les Jeffriess 76 1/4
Jenny Taylor & Peta Johnson 76 5/8
Ruth Osbourne & Marg Horneman 76 5/8
Judy King & Di Bramlett 77 5/8
Val Chorlton & Lorraine McCann 78 3/8
Trish Goulding & Mary Ryman 78 5/8
Ros Sadler, Peta Johnson, Les Jeffriess

Saturday 10th November Starters 18 DSR 73 
Michelle Schneider 68
Daphne Hine 74
Narelle Dunst 75
Joanne Foster 77
Trudie Knight 77
Julie Nicholls 77
Stephanie King 78
Janelle Preston, Tracey Fullbrook, Michelle Schreider 
Ball comp to
7 places (78 cb)

Thurday 8th November 18 Hole Stroke Starters 49 DSR 74
Trophy Donors –
Telstra Store Tamworth
A Grade Winner
Narelle Dunst 74 cb Runner Up Kay Hobbs 74 cb 3rd Simone Puckeridge 74  Scratch Simone Puckeridge 82
B Grade Winner
Faye Hodge 72 Runner Up Marg Fenwick 73 3rd Di Boulton 75 Scratch Faye Hodge 99 cb
C Grade Winner
Sally Knight 71 Runner Up Leonie Daniels 76 3rd Robyn Dunstan 78 Scratch Sally Wright 104
Peta Johnson, Di Boulton
Ball Comp to 22 places

Thursday 8th November 9 Hole Stableford Starters 8
Carol McKenzie 16 pts
Bettine Richardson 13
Wendy Cabot 12
Amber Hill 11 cb
NTPs Carol McKenzie

The beginners graduates with some of their mentors.
Winner of the Audrey Carr Boyd trophy for greatest reduction of handicap Sue Hynes with Vets co-ordinator Maxine Crossley.