Wednesday 14th March 18 Hole Stableford Sponsors  The Pub Group Starters 108 Overall winner on t day was Stephen Young with 42 Pts on a C/b from Bill O’Brien, 3rd place went to Dan Daly with 41 Pts. Vets was won by John L:ovell with 41 Pts runner up Kevin Rule also with 41 Pts. Titleist Scratch winner was Dan Daly with 71. NTP’s Doug Ashford, Mick Carey, Rex Wood, Ian Burton & Kevin Rule. Ball comp 20 places to 37 with an 18 C/b C/b .DSR 69.   Saturday 17th March 18 Hole Stableford Sponsor TGC Starters 116 Men 18 Ladies 14 Match Play. C Grade winner was Paul Miller with 40 Pts runner up John Lovell 40 Pts as well. Scratch winner Gary Smith with 86.B Grade winner was Peter Hardaker with 40 Pts runner up Robert Burns with 40 Pts as well, Scratch winner Robert Burns with 80. A Grade runner up was Roger Chaffey with 41 Pts (parred the front 9 off 10) Overall winner on the day was Alan Hooper with 42 Pts. Scratch winner  was Alan Hooper with 73. NTP’s Will Haworth, Dan Sullivan, Neil Dabinett, Roger Collier (Vis from Boggabri Robert Studte had an eagle 2 on the 4th hole and collected 19 balls for his trouble) Ball comp 25 places to 34 with a 19 C/b. DSR 70. Sunday  18th March AM 2 Man + Individual Stableford Sponsors TGC Starters 54 2 Man Team winners were Alan Johnson & Gary Dillon with 45 Pts. Individual Results  were winner Jamie Moffat with 43 Pts runner up George Banks with 38 Pts and 3rd place went to Gary Dillon with 37 Pts. NTP’s David Neader & Nathan Jolliffe. Ball comp 11 places to 34 with an 18 C/b.  Sunday PM 18 Hole Restricted Mixed Medley Stableford Sponsors Wendy Ryan & Jim Murray Starters 14 Winners were Jo & Peter Foster with 43 Pts runners up Chris & Peter Hughes with 42 Pts and 3rd place went to & Max Henry with 38 Pts. NTP’s Tracey Fullbrook & Bill Cook. COMING EVENTS Today 18 Hole Stableford Sponsors TGC. Saturday 24th March 2 Man Team + Individual Stableford Sponsors Halpin Plumbing. Sunday 25th March AM Sponsor TGC PM 18 Hole Restricted Medley Stableford Mixed Sponsors Gail & Paul Nolan & Sandra & Bill Moss.  Easter is coming up and bookings can now be made through our Tee Bookings System.CLUB NEWS. Hole in One now worth $2030. Very important decision made by our Board last week was that our new Professional will be Brock Sampson, this decision was a very important one and it has been very well accepted by all of our members. Our current Professional Scott Roworth will cease duties on 3rd June and Brock takes over on 4th June. More cart paths were commenced last week and as per usual our terrific volunteers were to the fore as well as our great concreter Peter King. The 16th Hole should be finished shortly.  Vets week of Golf is coming up after Easter with Monday and Friday at Tamworth course + Tuesday and Thursday at Longyard course. Well that about it from the friendly Club for this week, if you are playing, play well and of course enjoy. SEA EAGLE 1 (wow 54 Blot over Parra).