Mens Results


Wednesday 11th July 18 Hole Stableford Sponsor TGC Starters 136 Overall winner was Rob Barlett Taylor with 40 Pts runner up was Kyle Cullen with 38 Pts on a C/b from Michael Maher TitleistVets Comp was won by Rob with 40 Pts runner up Michael Maher with 38 Pts Titleist Scratch winner was Gordon Rae with 73. NTP’s Andrew Frost, Mitch Butler (VIS 2) Gordon Way & Lincoln Abberfield. Ball Comp 33 places to 33 with an 18 C/b. DSR 70.

Saturday 14th 18 Hole Individual Stableford Sponsor Robert Strange ( wonderful array of trophies) Starters Men 133 Ladies 13 C Grade winner was Paul Nolan with 36 Pts runner up Col Eunson with 35 Pts Scratch winner Mark Leary with 91. B Grade runner up was Robert Burns with 41 Pts Scratch winner was Rex Wood with 80. A Grade winner was Craig Wilson with 36 Pts runner up Arthur Ruttley with 35 Pts. Scratch winner was Craig Wilson with 75. Overall winner from B Grade was Rex Wood with 41 Pts. NTP’s Bill Cook, Arthur Ruttley, Graeme Nicholson (ACE) Rob Bartlett Taylor & Peter Spinks. Highlight of the day on our jackpot Hole the 9th Graeme Nicholson (Visitor from L/Y) scored an Ace and $7,479 for his trouble, well done Graeme. Ball comp 29 places to 33 with an 18 C/b. DSR 70.

Sunday 15th July 2 Man Ambrose Crazy Pins Sponsors Best Of The Boys (Thanks Guys) Starters 88 Overall winners were Dustin Evans & Mark Barnes with 65.8 net runners up Graeme Nash & Ryan Innes with 66.5 net and 3rd place went to Nathan Jollife & Andrew Bowden with 67.3 net. NTP’s Richard Perryman Ball comp 12 places to 71.3. Outstanding day shotgun start at 8AM (BRRRRR) and finish at 1300.

COMING EVENTS: Today 18 Hole Stableford Sponsors EBET Saturday 21st July 18 Hole Stableford Sponsors EBET Sunday 22nd July 2 Man Team + Individual Stableford Sponsors TGC. Sunday 22nd July PM Mixed Foursomes Championships Sponsors Rabbit Electrical Debbie & Robert Warren, let’s see a good field.

CLUB NEWS: Hole in One now worth $80, won on Saturday as per above.  Well not much more news from the friendly club for this week. if you are playing, play well and enjoy. SEA EAGLE 1 (bit unlucky).


Ladies Results

Saturday 21/7/18 18 Hole Stableford Starters 14 DSR 72 eBET Sponsored 1st Stephanie King 36, 2nd Annette Roberts 35, 3rd Cherie Pilditch 34 cb, 4th Julie Nicholls 34, 5th Gail Nolan 33, NTPs Tracey Fullbrook, Julie Nicholls, Stephanie King

Thursday 19th July 18 Hole Par Trophy Donors eBET A Grade Winner Stephanie King +2 Runner Up Jenny Taylor +1 3rd Narelle Dunst 0
B Grade Winner 
Evlyn Parnell +3 Runner Up Bev Stevens +2  3rd Marg Horneman +1
C Grade Winner Leonie Daniels 0 cb Runner Up Rhonda Smith 0 3rd Sally Hansen -2
NTPs Tracey Fullbrook, Rhonda Smith, Julie Peters, Julie McGrath, Di Bramlett Ball Comp to 26 places -4 Chris Hughes, Ros Sadler

Stableford Starters 8 1st Carol McCarthy 18 pts, 2nd Patsy Hughes 16 pts, 3rd June Chen 15 pts, 4th Jan Burfrd 14 pts NTPs Jan Burford

Tuesday 17th July 4BBB Stableford Starters 46 DSR 73 Trophy Donors eBET
Ev Parnell & Narelle Dunst 45 pts 2nd Stephanie King & Di Bramlett 44 pts 3rd Ros Sadler & Lesley Jeffries 43 pts cb 4th Val Chorlton & Mary Maher 43 pts 5th Carmel Whitten & Carol White 42 pts cb 6th Shirley Noble & Janet Treloar 42 pts 7th Anne Coleman & Leonie Coleman 41 pts cb 8th Pos Tuckey & Rosie Plunkett 41 pts NTPs Narelle Dunst, Pat Clarke, Stephanie King