Mens Golf Results

Wednesday 8th January 18 Hole Stableford Sponsors TGC Starters 93

Overall winner was Duncan Butler with 40 Pts, runner up was Glen Myhill with 40 Pts and 3rd Was Ricky Tan ( Mini spring rolls please) also with 40 Pts. The Vets was won by Duncan, Runner up was Glen. Titleist Scratch winner was Lincoln Chatfield with 75. NTP’s Brian Camarsh, Steve Lancaster, Travis Brown, Steve Mathews & Jamie Bowden. Ball comp 16 places to 35 with a 19 C/b. DSR 70.

Saturday 11th January 18 Hole Stableford Sponsors TGC Starters 117 Men 9 Ladies.

C Grade runner up was Norm Priestly with 42 Pts, Scratch winner was Anthony Smith with 83. B Grade winner was Richard Allan with 41 Pts, runner up was Viv Cooke with 39 Pts, Scratch winner was Peter Missen with 81.  A Grade winner was Richard Perryman with 41 Pts runner up was Barry Jenner also with 41 pts, Scratch winner was Dan Daly with 70.  Overall winner on the day was from C Grade Anthony Smith with 44 Pts.  NTP’s Joe Gaspi, Dan Daly, Stephen Macklinshaw, Greg Wilkinson & Ron Carney. Ball comp 26 places to 36 with a 20 C/b. DSR 70.

Sunday 12th January 2 Man Team + Individual Stableford Sponsors TGC Starters 77.

2 Man Team winners were Scott Woolfe & Nathan Davis with 49 Pts. Individual Results were winner Nathan Davis with 44 Pts, runner up was Michael Clay with43 Pts and 3rd place went to Darren McKinnon with 41 Pts. NTP’s Allen Hill & Dustin Evans. Ball comp 21 places to All 36’s DSR 70.


Wednesday 15th January 18 Hole Stableford Sponsors TGC,

Saturday 18th 18 Hole par Sponsors TGC,

Sunday 19th 2 Man Team + Individual Stableford Sponsors TGC.


Hole in one now worth $5502. The course continues to struggle, as can be seen from the scores, the recent rain did little to help and decisions will be made this week as to what we do from here. There may be some help on Thursday & Friday of this week with forecasts of some decent rain, let’s hope so, we can only hope and pray their right. Well that’s about all for this week, so if you are playing, play well and of course Enjoy !!!!!!! Sea Eagle 1.



Ladies Golf Results


Saturday 7th December – 18 Hole 4BBB Starters 24 DSR 73
Trophy Donors Norma Jurd
1st Gail Nolan & Sandra Moss 44 cb
2nd Sue Jenner & Wendy Crowley 44
3rd Mary Gurd & Jan Hicks 43
4th Ros Sadler & Lesley Jeffriess 40 cb
5th Chris Hughes & Annette roberts 40 cb
Ball Comp 5 places
NTPs 3rd Cherie Pilditch 
5th (2nd shot) Wendy Crowley
9th Ros Sadler
13th (2nd shot) Simone Puckeridge
18th Sue Jenner