There are rules to abide by to play golf and they can be found below.

Tamworth Golf Club rules of golf under Covid -19 restrictions 

  • Each player must abide by the social distancing recommendation of 1.5mtrs from other groups.
  • All members competitions will take place as normal.
  • All competition cards will be scored by the player and mutually agreed by the marker in front of a witness however will not need to be signed (for all member and twilight comps)
  • If you feel sick or you are in a high risk category please stay away. Your health and the safety of our community is our number one priority


New Golf Course Covid Rules- Effective from 5th December 2020.

As of the 5th December we will be changing some of the rules around how we are going to be running our golf at the Tamworth Golf Club.  

  • Presentations will be held at the conclusion of all competitions. Prizes will be passed out in the club house by pro shop or TGC staff, with the exception of Sunday morning competitions sponsored by the club.
  • Score cards can be entered in the terminals again with the use of 1 terminal. There will be hand sanitiser at each terminal and we require you to sanitise before and after using the terminal. This will greatly help the respective captains in reducing their workload.
  • Players will be allowed to take the pin out if they feel comfortable doing so. Only one player per group is to handle the pin and they are to either use either their glove or towel when doing so.
  • All rakes will be placed back in the bunkers and when using, we ask that you use either a glove or towel when handling the rakes.
  • NTP’s will start again and we will only require the players name to be recorded. When using the NTP arrow, pin or marker, please use your glove or a towel to handle these objects.
  • All bubblers will be operational as soon as the grounds staff get to them as will the ball washers.


We appreciate your help during the Covid restrictions which have been trying for all of us especially Brock and his team in the pro shop.

We ask if you can just keep in mind; the rules can be inconsistent and just because you see something happening somewhere else doesn’t mean we can do the same here. We are following the rules to the letter and whilst some others are doing things differently it doesn’t mean it is suitable for us. We are one of the busiest golf clubs in regional NSW and as such have more people playing which make the rules harder for us to ease.

The Board and management would like to extend our thanks to our members and their guests for the compliance to the rules that have been placed on us by the NSW Government. As the rules ease, we will keep you informed as to how our club will implement any changes.

Board of Directors



If you are caught not obeying the rules or all other recommendations from the NSW Public Health Guidelines you will be immediately removed from the course and not be allowed back until the end of this crisis.

Attention members: if you are still experiencing issues when logging into the golf bookings portal, please try clearing your browsing history on your computer or device, and then try again.

If this does not help, please contact the front office on 6765 9393 during business hours, or call the Pro Shop on 6765 9980.

 You can book your tee time for the following weeks competition

 in person at the kiosks from 5pm,

or online from 7pm.

Membership Payments

Members are now able to pay their membership renewals online as well as any additional facilities that they have included in their membership, including locker and cart hire.

You can do this by visiting our online store.

New members are to first fill in a Membership application form.

9 Hole Competition Rules

You are able to play within any 18 hole competition, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, and play from the normal competition tees.

Blue for Men and Red for ladies.

It is a weekly 9 hole competition.

Weekly Results completed every Monday.

You can have multiple entries each week.

9 hole fee will be $11 (green fee plus ball comp and comp fee)

You can enter at the Proshop or by using the portal and following the below procedure:

  • Log into the website using your normal membership number and password
  • Enter yourself as a “VISITOR” and use XXX after your Surname to identify yourself as a 9 Hole Player to the rest of the field.
  • 9 hole players can play with 18 hole players.

There will be a 9 hole weekly competitions run out of the pro shop, they will be in the following competitions:

  • Front 9 men
  • Front 9 ladies
  • Back 9 men
  • Back 9 ladies

You will be handicapped daily by pulse and golflink according to your 9 hole scores.

Players cannot change which competition they have started play in. For example a 9 Hole player cannot decide to continue on and join the 18 hole competition and a 18 hole player cannot quit after 9 holes and join the 9 hole competition.

In the event of 18 hole players missing out on a spot in the competition the match committee reserves the right to remove and contact 9 hole participants to allow 18 hole players access. For example this could happen during Club Championship Events that have large fields.

If you have any questions please contact the pro shop on 67659393.


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